We recommend Eiko font by Caio Kondo.

Eiko 字體的設計來源於同名日本藝術家、設計師石崗瑛子 Eiko Ishioka「1937-2012」,這套優雅的字體包括了8個磅數,並提供大量的日式標點符號、平假名和片假名等,涉及了諸多使用場景。字體可以在 Pangram 購買或下載,由Caio Kondo 設計。

Eiko is an indisputable statement of elegance and refinement. Every curves and bezier points were applied with a sense of purpose. It is inspired by the work of Eiko Ishioka, a multitalented Japanese artist, this typeface seeks to convey the same aspect of her work in these typographic explorations. It is an original serif font with high contrast, including the syllable alphabet kana, hiragana & katakana, it is ideal to pair with other kanji fonts of the Japanese mincho style. Designed by Caio Kondo, free trial& download at Pangram.

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