We will eventually be flat.

ArchDaily just update their new identity with a new logo, which is not be liked in the comments.
ArchDaily 更換了新的網站標誌,藍色軸測建築的輪廓更加扁平。目前的評論聲音中,本次升級似乎並不被認可。

As we continue into a new era, that started in 2020 together with Architonic and that continues today with the announcement of our new group DAAily Platforms, we thought it was time for an upgrade and we started to explore what we want to represent as a symbol, connected with our mission and views about architecture.

As architecture evolves, it is no longer restricted to buildings. Understanding the impact that the era of cities is having on our planet, the question of how we live together with all its complexities falls under the broader concept of environment, including the built and the natural, from the scale of the detail to the planet, and even the extra planetary. Another dimension of our environment has to do with the new space that we inhabit, through screens and digital experiences. Today in 2D, and very soon through 3D in immersive and augmented environments. And across all of these, architecture and architects play an important role.

2020年,ArchDaily 和 Architonic 合并,进入了新时代,我们认为是时候做一些改变了,因此我们开始探索如何通过一个符号来重新表达我们的使命,和我们对建筑的看法。