We may back to Serif.

Recently, The rebrand of Burberry comes as new chief creative officer Daniel Lee has taken over the company. According to Burberry, “The original Equestrian Knight Design was the winning entry of a public competition to design a new logo, circa 1901. The design features the Latin word ‘Prorsum’ meaning ‘Forwards’.”

Burberry was one of the first fashion houses to introduce a minimal, sans-serif typeface back in 2018.

時尚品牌 Burberry 日前官方宣佈了新的標識,最引人注目的變化是品牌名稱重新啟用了襯纖體英文字母。這是創意總監 Daniel Lee 接管該品牌後的首個大動作,包括重新啟用經典的騎士圖案「Equestrian Knight Design (EKD)」。

十幾年前, Burberry 是首批擁抱無襯線體來塑造形象的品牌之一。

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry