A Small Pool of White Light

Jesse Boyd-Reid 是一位墨尔本当代艺术家,他在2018年获得了Lionel Gell 艺术卓越奖,并于2019年参与了北极信托基金会在挪威的艺术家驻访。

“一池白光” 项目始于2017年,记录了他在一个宛如世外桃源(实为艺术家的家乡)的社区中的日常生活。通过拍摄与他最亲近的人,Jesse Boyd-Reid 用影像展示了生命的周期性。 “我通过拍摄亲密关系,信仰片段,宗教仪式和平静的生活场景来追踪每个人的情绪起伏,记录了我的家庭(一段生活)的各种经历。”他解释说, “在这个过程中,我既是参与者,也是观察者。”

Jesse Boyd-Reid is a Melbourne based contemporary artist. Jesse grew up in northern New South Wales, before completing his Undergraduate and Honours degrees in Fine Arts at the Victorian Collage of the Arts, Melbourne. In 2018 he was awarded the Lionel Gell scholarship for Artistic Excellence and was accepted into the Arctic Trust’s residency program in Svalbard, Norway in 2019.

“A Small Pool of White Light”, ongoing since 2017, documents his daily life in the cloistered community. By photographing those closest to him, Boyd-Reid examines the cyclical nature of life. “I follow the ebb and flow of my family’s passage through life by photographing scenes of intimacy, belief, ceremony and stillness that I have been permitted to document (and at times restage) in an effort to understand the range of experiences that make up a human life,” he explains. “In this process I am both participant and observer, experiencing and reflecting.

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