Smiley Duck Sneakers

We look down and smile.

Made from cotton canvas with a rubber outsole and toecap, Prospective Flow’s latest sneaker design puts a smile on your feet. These shoes are designed with timeless style and enduring quality by a Japanese-American team. The Smiley Ducks are available in natural and black.

Pre-order on PerspectiveFlow and will be ready to ship in 4-6 months (between Dec-Feb)

PerspectiveFlow 正在預售一款造型新奇的 微笑鴨 帆布鞋,採用棉質帆布搭配橡膠外底和鞋頭,鴨嘴的造型為您的雙腳帶來微笑。

Smiley Ducks 系列有自然色和黑色可供選擇,預訂截止日期為 9 月 29 日,發貨時間為 4-6 個月。

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