We want grown, not made.

With AI-generated photos, who needs humans to make things? It seems that even ice cream can grow naturally at nights,–because it melting in the sun. Or, it could just be a winter crop – who knows? One thing’s for sure, if these pictures were real, we’d all be a lot chubbier. Thank goodness for AI, which keeps us in shape while fooling us with its realistic imagery.

 Midjourney AI is awesome, these pictures look very real aside from the fact that everyone we see on these pics would be much fatter if it was true.

為什麼冰淇淋要在夜晚收穫呢,因為白天會被太陽曬到融化。如果土地裡可以生長出奧利奧、可樂和貝果,如果甜甜圈和炸薯條可以在莊園裡新鮮出爐⋯這些都可以實現,在你付費使用的 Midjourney 帳號裡,在AI的幫助下,常識可以不被考慮。


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