We love this restaurant’s brand identity.

Kimski is a Korean-Polish street food restaurant, created by Ed Marszewski and chef Won Kim, located in the Bridgeport area of Chicago. The restaurant has a distinctive interior of geometric wood panelling, bright yellow stools, utilitarian booth seating, wood panelled ceiling and concrete floor with a warehouse quality in its space, shape and box-like exterior. In contrast, Kimski’s brand identity, developed by New York graphic design studio Franklyn and informed by the mash-up of culture, is a full of illustrative flourish, colour and character. This runs across menus, coasters, business cards and t-shirts, and punctuates dark exterior as backlitsignage.

我們喜歡新鮮的玩法。這一家位於芝加哥的餐廳,老闆分別是韓國人和波蘭人,菜單也是混搭了兩國的味道。餐廳的視覺形象設計,使用明快的色彩和可愛的造型展示了十五的多樣性,以及餐廳擁抱新變化的決心。好玩的地方在於餐廳的系列視覺形象實在漂亮,超過了食物和裝潢。視覺語言由紐約 Franklyn 事務所設計,與極簡設計的空間設計相得益彰。

02-Kimksi-Branding-interior-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 09-Kimksi-Branding-Logotype-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 07-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Menus-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 04-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 06-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Business-Cards-Franklyn-New-York-BPO03-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Franklyn-New-York-BPO

15-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Coasters-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 10-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Packaging-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 11-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-T-Shirt-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 12-Kimksi-Branding-Signage-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 15-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Franklyn-New-York-BPO 05-Kimksi-Branding-Illustration-Sigange-Franklyn-New-York-BPO
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