We love this project. Complements is an online project started by Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree—a couple living in Brooklyn who share a taste for quirky aesthetics and crisp design. Wade, a designer and art director, and Leta, a multi-disciplinary designer who works with photography, video, and digital, wanted a collaboration that could combine the couples’ strengths in design without compensating their apt sense of humor. What evolved was Complements, a reinterpretation of those hilariously cringeworthy couple portraits that circulate the internet—a way to reveal the humor and romance behind their relationship. Using their eye for bold colors and love for juxtaposing inanimate objects, the couple have updated the antiquated portraits into the world of contemporary design, fueling a bizarrely sweet and often grotesque self portrait series. Complements explores Leta and Wade’s relationship, as well as the universal strangeness of love, highlighting their individual talents that complement (and compliment!) each other. The project as a whole is sharp, creative, and light-hearted, highlighting a stunning dynamic between the real-life artist couple and their shared passion for unique design.


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