Sensaway Typeface

We want you to try this out. Sensaway is a family of 6 weights (light, regular, and heavy and the italics), it features over 420 glyphs and 6 OT features: standard ligatures, contextual alternated, stylistic alternates, oldstyle figures, swashes and small caps. The design features infinite contrast in stroke width, traditional serif anatomy and geometric modernist style.
You can try it or buy it at Gestalten Fonts.

我們喜歡襯綫字體的運用。Sensaway字體包括六個磅數,它對傳統襯綫躰做了解剖和重組,呈現獨特的表現力。作者給出了作爲標志字體使用時的數套範例,優雅且有力。字體的商用版本可以在  Gestalten Fonts 購買下載。