Helvetica自然是字体设计中的经典,但是并不意味着没有人敢对它下手。来自巴西的设计师 Felipe Dario 将Helvetica字体雕刻在木板上,对印制出来的字体进行组合和再加工,造就了规则之外的一种美感。这款命名为 Helwoodica 的修正版字体在分享站点 Dafont 上线后,短短时间就有超过5万的下载次数。
运用中的字体效果,可以在 Time For Climate Justice 的一只 宣传片 中使用了该字体。


This is an incomplete work, made through the woodblock printing of lowercase glyphs of the Helvetica font. You can use and modify this font citing (Felipe Dario) as the author of the font or original font.With more than 50,000 donwloads (as of August 2009), Helwoodica is the typeface for Kofi Annan’s Time for Climate Justice. More info in Time For Climate Justice site. Download link  here.