Magical Art of Andy Gilmore

紐約設計師、音樂家 Andy Gilmore 腦中想必有著不一樣的邏輯,他的作品用超現實的、未知大幾何圖形來呈現。視覺不上單一的刺激眼球,還會給人從眼前到腦海深處的幻想。
Andy Gilmore的作品曾發表在Wired雜誌和NYT紐約時報。

New York based designer Andy Gilmore, has established a solid reputation with his works being featured in Wired Magazine and The New York Times. Andy Gilmore is also a musician.
This brilliant and colorful art takes you on a geometric and kaleidoscopic visual experience, and a strong feeling in surreal, futuristic.


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