Light Room: A Debut Photobook by Goooodie

《馆子》Light Room – A Debut Photo Book by
展览 Exhibition: 11/5–11/27,2011
开幕 Opening: November 5th 3-8 PM
上海莫干山路50号17号楼1层 J Gallery
J Gallery, 50 Moganshan Rd.,bldg 17,Shanghai China
策展 Curator: 咖小西 Ka Xiaoxi

参展摄影师:陈家頡 Chen Chiachieh /陈哲Chen Zhe /张继峰 Fenk Zhang /贾睿 Jia Rui /咖小西 Ka Xiaoxi /刘念 Liu Nian /杨圆圆 Luka Yang /罗洋 Luo Yang /某 Mou Hoo /邱阳 Qiu Yang /任航 Ren Hang /刘垣 Ricenz Liu /陈天心 Sophie Chen /熊小默 Xiong Xiaomo /许正东 Xu Zhengdong /袁小鹏 Yuan Xiaopeng /张平川 Zhang Pingchuan

在这个洪水猛兽的时代里, 这些摄影师不算浮躁,还在拧把地使用着传统相机,在冲取胶片的路上盘算余下的钞票够去哪儿走走,今后拍些什么,该怎么拍,相机是他们与这个世界较量的最好方式。

Light Room is a photography book includes works by 17 young Chinese photographers. In our treacherous and grotesque age, these are the ones who have not been carried away. They still stick to traditional flim cameras, and already come up with new plans for the next destination and next shoot with their last penny, even on the way to develop film rolls. As a matter of fact, cameras are their arms in the wrestling with the reality.


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