Kwame Busia – Empty scapes

Kwame Busia 原本是学习建筑,却由于兴趣半路出家做起了摄影、设计、和CGI。他喜欢日本文化和极简主义,喜欢在摄影的时候使用全景和2.35:1的电影胶片尺寸。这些图片出自他的下一本作品集《空·景》,拍摄于阿拉伯沙漠。

Here are some shots from Kwame‘s  upcoming book ‘Emptyscapes’, photographed in the Arabian Desert. He has always been enamoured by the panoramic and cinematic format 2.35:1 and wanted to combine that with the vast emptiness of the desert.The book hopefully will be out in January and there will be more posts and images over on his site.


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