Bloglovin or Google Reader

现在信息爆炸的时代,怎样有效摄取信息成为一种负担。我忠实使用Google Reader,并在chrome浏览器下使用插件略去多余页面部件,将信息的主题突出出来。现在看起来Bloglovin有些反行其道:界面图形化/页面部分显示推荐度阅读/回归信息源页面浏览/ ……
或许社会化是所有网络的出路,Google Reader 也有了follow/explore等等功能。Bloglovin中将订阅称为follow,更是直接将阅读本身视为互动。是极简摄入还是原味品尝,相信每个人会有自己的选择 。

Follow 聲色犬馬 with bloglovin or 订阅聲色犬馬到阅读器

Reading blogs can be a pain in the ass. Once you login in  Bloglovin´ , you wouldn’t have to visit un-updated blogs, open ten windows in your browser, or forget your favorite blogs web-addresses. With bloglovin´ we wanted to make your blog reading fun and easy.
Blog addict? Well just in case you’re not using Bloglovin yet, here’s a quote from Karolina at Fashion Squad explaining how it works:
“I’ve tried google reader too, but this is WAY better. Google reader doesn’t let you read blogs in their real form – you miss all the comments, the layout etc. Plus with bloglovin’ you get this bar at the bottom of your browser which allows you to read a new blog entry, and then you push next and read the next unread post, and the next, and the next etc. It’s like flipping through a magazine with new post’s from your favorite blogs. Try it, I promise you’ll like it more than Google Reader” .



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