30 Seconds to Mars Debuts ‘Kings + Queens’ Short Film


好莱坞潮人+摇滚歌手+实力花瓶演员,就是Jared Leto。他和他的乐队30STM(30 Seconds to Mars) 准备两年的09新专辑《This is war》预计于12月8号全球发售。之前This is war(6’43” – Rayfuck)已经提供试听。今天,一部根据专辑第二主打歌Kings+Queens 制作的录影带短片也可以在线观看。
Jared Leto一直是潮流时尚的风向标,你可以在twitter上follow他,或者点击这里观看更多拍摄现场图片。

Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars! The “Kings + Queens” video!
After a two-year battle to get their new album completed and released, it’s finally ready, and Jared’s excited.
“We spent two years of our lives working on that record, and it was us against the world,” he told MTV. “We didn’t have outside influence or help, we didn’t have a label, we had us, betting the farm, and pushing ourselves.”

The “Kings + Queens” video features bicyclists cruising around L.A. “Shoot was insane and amazing,” Jared tweeted. “just realized the first time we played KINGS+QUEENS together was up there overlooking LA. fitting”

jared leto 11月8日街拍jared-leto-09-11-01

15+ pictures inside of 30 Seconds to Mars filming the “Kings + Queens” video…


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