Aurore for LV 极光

Aurore-01-200x283路易威登(Louis Vuitton)的首支电视广告片 “旅途/Journeys Core Values”独特的画面和立意,优美的诠释了旅行和人的关系。路易威登(Louis Vuitton)更是设下奖项和专门网站,鼓励电影人和影像爱好者拍摄你心中的旅途。包括王家卫从其电影《蓝莓之夜》中剪辑出的短片 《Bluberry days》。 Jean-Julien Pous 用两周时间完成了这部短片《极光》,讲述一个男人旅行的一些片段。

Jean-Julien Pous submits this number to the Louis Vuitton’s Journeys Awards. Produced in just 2 weeks, the film entitled “Aurore” tells the story of a man who travels through his senses, and through the other’s body, discovers his own …



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